this security breach made it possible for hackers to steal data from several governments

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hackers recently exploited a flaw in Google Calendar to steal users’ personal information, members of TAG (Google’s cyber threat analysis group) have just made a new discovery.

American IT security researchers have discovered a serious security flaw that allowed hackers to steal data from several countries, including Greece, Moldova, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Pakistan. The researchers were able to identify and correct the vulnerability, preventing further data theft

A security flaw, known as CVE-2023-37580, was discovered in Zimbra Collaboration, an email service used by over 1,000 government organizations worldwide. This vulnerability allowed attackers to steal email data, user IDs and passwords, and authentication tokens from affected organizations

A case that reminds us of the importance of updates

In June 2023, there was a security vulnerability in Zimbra email accounts that allowed attackers to send malicious emails to Greek authorities and gain control of targeted email addresses. If someone clicked on the malicious link while logged into their Zimbra account, the previously cited data was automatically transmitted to the hackers. Furthermore, The attackers exploited the vulnerability to automatically transfer and gain control of the targeted email addresses.

After Zimbra released a fix for the vulnerability on Github, the attacks continued, indicating that affected governments did not apply the update in time to protect themselves. This incident highlights how attackers closely monitor open-source repositories to quickly exploit vulnerabilities in software, especially when a patch is announced but not yet available to users

Source: Blog Google TAG

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