TikTok has 150 million monthly visitors in the US

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A recent report from NBC News said that the social media guy TikTok has reached 150 million monthly users in the US.

According to Neowin, this is a growth of 50% compared to the number of 100 million people accessing TikTok monthly in the US 3 years ago, when the former government t President Donald Trump began efforts to ban the app, considering TikTok posed a national security risk. Trump administration tries to push for ban Dao International Emergency Economic Powers law.

The content of the report adds that, out of 150 million new monthly visitors, about 12 million users are under the age of 18. The 150 million figure does not include children under the age of 13, and the average age of a TikTok user is usually 31 years old.

Also according to the report, some TikTok creators plan to travel to Washington to attend a press conference and speak with lawmakers regarding the recently introduced threat of TikTok being banned. Reportedly, the popular video-sharing app could be banned from operating in the US if parent company ByteDance does not approve the sale of shares

TikTok is expected to bolster its argument by bringing in creators, stressing that banning the app could cause financial trouble for many creators who rely on the platform for a living.

Not only the US, but other countries governments have also taken action against the Chinese social media app citing security concerns. These countries include New Zealand, Canada, and the UK, where the app is prohibited from being installed on government devices. Recently, the European Commission (EC) also asked its 32,000 employees to uninstall TikTok from their devices

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