Xbox to launch mobile game store next year

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft is planning on rolling out a new app store on iOS and Android.

According to VGC, the head of Microsoft’s games division has hinted that the company’s mobile game store could be ready next year. Speaking to the Financial Times, Phil Spencer reiterated his plans to launch the Xbox app store on iOS and Android devices and explained that Microsoft has prepared the store legally and is just waiting for the date. it is released.

In the interview, Spencer talked about the Digital Markets Act, a new piece of legislation that would force Apple and Google to allow users to access apps from more than just the App Store and Google. Play Store. This Act was signed into law by the European Parliament in September 2022 and will come into force on May 2, 2023.

The new law will identify digital ‘gatekeepers’, or monopolies, accused of using their power to prevent other companies from engaging in digital sales. digital on their platform.

Once these people are identified, they will have to start complying with the law by March 6, 2024. In the case of Apple and Google, the law would force the two companies to allow users to install third-party app stores on iOS and Android devices.

Theoretically, after March 6, 2024, is the time when Microsoft can add Xbox Games Store to mobile devices.

In addition, Microsoft also stated that one of the main reasons it acquired Activision Blizzard was the strong coverage of mobile games coming from the company, from Call of Duty: Mobile to games made by the company. Con King released (which contains Candy Crush ).

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