Twitter is about to test voice messages

by nativetechdoctor

After rolling out audio tweets for iOS in June, Twitter is now testing the idea of allowing users to record and send voice messages directly.

According to The Verge, Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, product manager for direct messaging at Twitter said the company will soon be testing the voice messaging feature. Brazil will be the first country to be tested. He said Twitter knows users want more options for expressing themselves in platform chats, both public and private.

Similar to voice tweeting, voice messages have a simple and clear interface: a play / pause selector, sender’s avatar vibrates when the message is played. Twitter’s product team designed an “inline recording experience to make sending these messages easier, making conversation feel natural.” There is also an option to “report messages” to prevent users from misusing voice messages, a reasonable consideration in the case of privacy.

Twitter received a lot of criticism after announcing the launch of the voice tweet, unable to guarantee access to the feature by everyone.

Design Director Dantley shared that the company now has a team dedicated to that, they have changed the product development process, ensuring accessibility is always taken into consideration during conceptualization. feature.

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