watchOS 7 ignores Force Touch support

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple is calling on developers to relocate app features based on Force Touch before the release of watchOS 7.

According to AppleInsider, watchOS 7, which was recently announced, has a number of new features, including sleep tracking, track movement and hand washing timers. However, it seems to be missing a feature supported by all previous versions: Force Touch.

Force Touch allows users to tap the Apple Watch screen to access additional controls, such as: swapping the watch face. The “Apple Human Interface Principles” page now states that Force Touch is not ported to watchOS 7. Apple Watch’s future support will not only support Force Touch support, but anyone who updates their watch to watchOS 7 will release it.

Apple said the version of watchOS before watchOS 7 allowed users to touch the screen, for example, to change the clock’s display or display hidden menus. However, the new version will come back later. Hidden is available on the connected screen or settings screen. In general, users must have access to menu items elsewhere.

Opting out of support for Force Touch on all Apple Watch models will ensure all Apple wearable users have a consistent experience regardless of the version being used. This also implies that the Apple Watch Series will not have hardware that supports Force Touch.

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