Your Android smartphone may be damaged due to this drawback of Android

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There are always doubts in the minds of users about Android smartphones. because Hacking them is easy. Hackers have many ways to access Android users’ phones. Also, take hacking of personal data. New errors have occurred in this order that could cause the Android smartphone to be totally damaged. Estimated to be repaired in December 2019.

The Android Safety Bulletin published in December 2019 contains references to three flaws. One of these three flaws is considered very dangerous. Google says that users who take advantage of this weakness can send messages related to malware from their cellphones. This bug is referred to as CVE-2019-2232 on the Android Bulletin. Using this can damage the user’s cellphone.

Millions of Android devices affected: Many devices are affected by the expiration of the CVE-2019-2232 name. This loss affects smartphones Android 8.0, Android 8.1, Android 9 and Android 10. In this situation, it can be assumed that many users are affected by this deficiency. The official statement from the NIST National Vulnerability Database states that using the handle can crash applications on the phone. This increases the chance of a smartphone not working.

Android can provide updates:

The company indicates that an update might be released to resolve this issue. However, this has been fixed in the Android open source project. Talking about security patches depends on the cellphone manufacturer when providing the latest security patches. It can be said that the first device in the Google Pixel series can receive security patches.

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