Zoom app releases a new update, the app more secure than before

by nativetechdoctor
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Critical security and privacy changes have been made for video conferencing applications. Also, the company began deploying the new Zoom 5.0 update to users of the Zoom application on May 30. The company claims that this update makes the zoom application safer than before. The company announced in a blog post that the increase would be encrypted between the zoom room controllers and the zoom rooms until June 30. Zoom is used to run on AES-256-EZB standard encryption, which has now been ported to GCM AES-256-bi encryption support, which is safer and offers more data protection than ever before. However, this has not been fully proven end-to-end encryption, as can be seen on WhatsApp and Google Meet. However, GCM Encryption is better than before.

Users must update the Zoom application to continue using it. Zoom 5.0 introduces a new security icon that connects to many new security features. Users can now switch directly to the small screen. You can also give options to lock meeting and screen sharing. Zoom specifies that the default minimum password for meetings, webinars, and cloud records is six characters. Checks are also carried out to identify unauthorized access in the Zoom application. With the new UI update, the host can now choose to end or leave the meeting.

a petition was filed in the Supreme Court last week regarding the ban on Zoom. This petition said that the Zoom app is a threat to national security and can lead to an increase in cyber attacks and cybercrime in India. Apart from this, Zoom also admitted that the data of Indians was leaked from its platform. After this, preparations are being made to ban the Zoom app.

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