AMD drivers are targeted by hackers

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AMD has just published a long list of security flaws and exploits in their Windows 10 drivers.

According to Neowin, in its statement, AMD said these vulnerabilities make their drivers vulnerable to malicious actors, with malicious attacks such as privilege upgrades; denial of service; providing system information; bypassing the KASLR mechanism, and writing arbitrarily to kernel memory.

The published images show a list of vulnerabilities and security risks (CVE IDs) with descriptions and the level of threat they pose.

AMD said it discovered the security flaw thanks to the support of security researchers, of which Ori Nimron was the most contributing member. The company says it has gradually patched these issues with multiple graphics driver updates, with the most recent being driver 21.4.1 for Radeon graphics cards. This update also brings many new features as well as lower power consumption.

Intel is also said to be affected by the vulnerability of AMD as the company developed its Kaby Lake G SKUs based on AMD’s Vega graphics. To fix the issue, Intel has released an updated version for the graphics driver on Kaby Lak G.

In addition to the bugs announced by AMD, Intel also added a patch named CVE-2021-33105.

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