Windows 11: the service to easily install Android applications is back

by nativetechdoctor
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WSATOOLS is available again on Microsoft Store for Windows 11. The application makes it easy to install Android applications without having to follow the Amazon App Store, but through their APK file.

Windows 11 allows you to install Android applications on your computer in several ways. This is one of the main new features in the latest version of the operating system.

WSATools, the best way to install an Android app via its APK

One way to do this is to use the WSOPOOLS program of the Simone Franco developer. A very practical software to install an Android application from its APK file in Windows 11. Except that WSATOOLS was recently removed from the Microsoft store.

A significant loss for users because the software is much more user-friendly than the official method recommended by Microsoft.

A return to the Microsoft Store in private (for now)

Simone Franco has revealed his inability on Twitter and contacted Microsoft about the reason for this withdrawal, because there was no explanation released for him.

The Redmond firm came back to him and the developer was pleasantly surprised with his response. Microsoft apologized for brutally removing the application from its store without justification, and detailed the reasons for this choice to the author of the software (who does not specify what it is). According to Simone Franco, the arguments of the American group are quite valid.

WSATools is available again on the Microsoft Store, but only from a direct link here . It does not appear in search results. Microsoft has given the developer some tips and suggestions so that their program can once again be made public and visible to everyone.

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