Can Intel make AMD processors?

by nativetechdoctor

With manufacturing capabilities improving in recent times, there have been many rumors that Intel may become the manufacturer of Ryzen processors for AMD. Can this happen?

According to Techunwrapped, Intel is one of the few manufacturers that doesn’t depend on TSMC, Samsung, or others to make their own chips, and that gives them a huge competitive advantage over AMD in the field. PC processor area. Not stopping there, Intel also has enough capacity to produce processors of other brands, even competitors AMD. However, there are still many doubts about whether Intel will produce processors for AMD.

Theoretically, Intel should be able to produce Ryzen processors for AMD without any problems because Intel has a lot of manufacturing capacity and technology. The thing is, Intel and AMD are both big competitors in the PC and server microprocessor industry, even though they’ve historically had agreements to use each other’s technology (x86 and x64). ). However, the fact that Intel makes AMD processors is another matter.

For starters, AMD definitely wants to keep its processors completely secret so that Intel can’t adopt or use any of the technologies built into the Ryzen processors – which Intel is entirely able to due to. having access to these technologies if the processor is manufactured for AMD. As a result, Intel can copy AMD’s technologies, then modify them and make their own and apply them to their own processors – something that is very difficult to detect.

Obviously, that’s the main reason why AMD didn’t think of ordering processors from Intel because it would be too risky and distrust its biggest competitor.

It is also not excluded that Intel’s production line may experience various “random problems” that can negatively affect the supply of AMD.

In short, Intel manufacturing AMD Ryzen processors is a real possibility, but in reality, this is unlikely to happen because AMD may not be able to deliver all the technology into the hands of their direct competitors.

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