Facebook, Google accused of shaking hands against Apple

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The 12 state attorneys general first filed a lawsuit in December 2020, accusing Google of colluding with Facebook . They allege that Facebook, Google entered into an unlawful advertising agreement. Google leverages its monopoly position within the advertising business to make it simpler for Facebook content material to appear on Google Advertisements. Nevertheless, Facebook has denied the allegation.

According to Business Insider , Facebook has bother reaching users who surf the online with Apple ‘s Safari browser , so Google has used Javascript to assist Facebook identify and attain that audience extra successfully.

Lately, Apple has often upgraded privacy features on devices to help users have a better experience. In 2018, the “apple house” added a particular feature to Safari, forcing websites to ask users before setting cookies, and Safari will automatically destroy cookies if users don’t go to that web site within 30 days.

In the course of this year, Apple rolled out its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) tool, severely affecting companies like Facebook that live off ad income. As well as, Facebook is also said to be preparing to sue Apple for allegedly “strangling” app developers with many rules on the App Store .

The three companies are at the center of many antitrust discussions and are below intense scrutiny by regulators around the world. In June, the US Congress introduced 5 bills targeting the technology quartet including Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. The bill would help the regulator prevent these companies from holding too much power available in the market.

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