Folding iPhone will use a microLED screen with integrated camera and Touch ID

by nativetechdoctor
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According to PhoneArena, the source of the leak claims that this Apple device also supports an under-screen selfie camera and a screen with Touch ID built-in. Currently, most new Android phones have fingerprint scanners, but Samsung foldable phones only have physical scanners, likely because the screen isn’t hard enough to support the built-in fingerprint scanner.

Of course, things could change in the next few years, especially as Samsung appears to be teaming up with Corning to make a Gorilla Glass foldable phone similar to Apple’s. Applies.

As for the under-screen selfie camera, there have been a few demos from different vendors, but no official product has been released yet.

Essentially, the latest leak is pretty much the same as the previous rumor, suggesting that a foldable iPhone will resemble a Surface Duo with a screen connected by a hinge. According to the source, this will create an illusion of a continuous background-board experience.

Previously, a patent was filed by Apple that mentioned a unique hinge mechanism to prevent screen wrinkles – which is common on foldable phones. However, it seems that the idea failed, forcing the company to switch to a dual-screen design.

Finally, the device is expected to use microLED display technology, which offers various advantages over OLED screens such as higher dynamic range support, increased brightness, wider color gamut, and power consumption. lower.

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