how to buy cryptocurrency in ghana

by nativetechdoctor

Unlike a few years ago, buying cryptocurrency is no longer a challenge for ordinary mortals. 

The easiest way to buy cryptocurrency is through an exchange. There is a host of them, but here we will confine ourselves to paxful. This platform is ideal for easily exchanging virtual currencies between them. They also provide dedicated wallets that allow sending and receiving said cryptocurrencies to and from outside. 

Paxful allows you to send BTC using a lightning network which makes you pay less fee when sending a small amount of BTC unless using the blockchain network

How To create an account

  • visit and click on register
  • choose register with email or register with number depending and create a password
  • once done verify you will need to verify your phone number or email address

How to buy cryptocurrency on paxful

currently, you can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, and tether on Paxful. before you can trade or buy crypto on Paxful you will need to verify your account with an id

  • if you are using the web version of paxful then you will need to click on buy and choose the crypto currency that you want to buy but if you are on the mbile version then you have to select marketplace
  • now choose your payment method and currency . note that paxful is a peer2peer platform so you will be buying the cryto from people and users with green badges are veried on the platform
  • you will see a long list of people on the marketplace, and below their username is their last seen and beside their username is the amount of positive feedback they have received on paxful. take note of the image below
  • you will also see their limits and their market value in percent. so let say if you see limit 65cedis – 100cedis this means the vendor only sells btc or any crypto between the amount of 65cedis to 100 cedis and you see let say 2.91% with an arrow up means the price of the sellers crypto is 2.91% above the current market price. you can also click on the user to know more about the seller
  • now you will see a bar which will help you to know the amount of btc you will receive when you pay in fiat currency. make sure you read about the offer terms
  • click on buy now when you are ready to trade. once you have made the payment click on paid and wait for the vendor to transfer the crypto into your wallet

if you don’t understand anything feel free to let us know in the comment section and we will assist you, please use our link to sign up

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