Microsoft Edge is about to become the second-largest PC browser

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Microsoft is closing the gap between Edge and Safari second most used PC browser in the world, with the change likely to happen over the next few months.

According to AppleInsider, the web browser for PC is currently dominated by Google Chrome. Meanwhile, the battle for second place is taking place attractively as Apple’s Safari may soon “lose the throne” to Microsoft Edge.

data ranking shows that Microsoft Edge, the replacement for the once-dominant Internet Explorer, is slowly gaining traction. In the last year, this browser has increased its market share from 7.81% in January 2021 to 9.54% in January 2022.

After Microsoft Edge overtook Firefox in March 2021, it continued to grow its market share over time and came close to Safari’s market share, which was relatively stable at 9.84% in January 2022. If Edge continues to grow in usage, it could gain enough market share to topple Safari from second place, pushing Safari down to third. And yet, Safari can also fall to fourth place after the revival of Firefox when reaching a market share in January 2022 of 9.18%, which is close to both Edge and Safari .

Meanwhile, Google Chrome occupies the top position with a very long distance from the following competitors when accounting for 65.38% market share in January, but it is also the lowest level in the past 12 months, after the high. the most is 68.76% established in June 2021.

While Edge is a threat to Safari on PC, Apple’s browser continues to attract large numbers of users on tablets and smartphones. When testing all platforms globally, Safari is second overall with 19.84% market share, behind Chrome with 63.06%, and ahead of Firefox and Edge with 4.18% market share and Edge respectively. 4.12%.

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