Mircrosoft Coronavirus tracker launched, will get real time update

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft launched Bing Tracker to provide information about people affected by coronavirus. Before Microsoft began, many other companies released similar trackers. Google also works on this website to find and monitor dangerous viruses. The Microsoft Bing team starts this service all over the world. People can get real-time information about the number of Crown virus cases throughout the world and in which countries. You can access this service from the company’s website at bing.com/covid.

According to previously recorded reports, a total of 1.69 555 people worldwide were affected by this dangerous virus, the Microsoft Bing COVID-19 tracker. Of these, 82,267 were active cases, while 77,761 people had recovered from this virus. According to information recorded on this tracker, 6,517 people have died. In the United States, 61 people were killed by this dangerous virus.

Michael Bchter, CEO of Microsoft Bing, said in a statement that many of our employees have been working from home since last week because of viruses that are in the form of epidemics around the world. This tracker shows a map of each country and you can see the cases that happened there. To the left of the tracker you will find real-time data for frequently confirmed cases, active cases, recovery, and deaths from this virus.

You will see a list of all countries directly below. The countries with the most cases are above. At the same time, the countries with the fewest cases are listed below. Whatever country you click, the map of that country will open on the right, providing information about frequently confirmed cases, frequently active cases, recurring cases, and deaths in that country. You can also see each Corona Virus article below. With this tracker from Microsoft you get all information about the Crown virus.

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