PS5: console’s first commercial shows how immersive games will be

by nativetechdoctor
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Sony has officially launched a marketing campaign for the PS5. The Japanese company recently launched its first ad slot highlighting the console’s two main new features: immersive 3D audio and adaptive DualSense trigger.

The first official PS5 commercials have arrived. Sony uploaded the video for more than a minute, which added to the pressure of the months before the console launched. “Welcome to a world of increased sensations.” The video starts with this introduction, which doesn’t feature any sequence of gameplay, but rather live scenes with very special effects. The focus is on major innovations in the PS5 that aim to create a feeling of being completely immersed in the game.

The ad leaked today on the Hungarian PlayStation YouTube channel before it was removed. A few hours later, Sony broadcast the video to everyone in multiple languages. We don’t know if this was a response to the leak or if it was all part of the original plan. In a post on the PlayStation Blog post, Sony’s vice president of global marketing, Mary Yee, described the advert as “number one for the PS5 in the world”.

Beyond your sensory limits

The video takes us through the adventures of a young woman in an intriguing environment where every element helps promote a console functionality. We thus see the young woman shoot an arrow towards a mysterious circle. The narrator evokes at this precise moment “a world where the forces are felt at your fingertips”.

This part promotes DualSense’s new adaptive trigger handle and controller haptic feedback that allows the player to experience in-game actions better than ever. The PS5’s 3D audio is also highlighted. “A world where the eyes see through sound”, details the narrator. In short, if this spot does not reveal any gameplay sequence for any of the games already announced for the PS5, it is helping to build up the hype while the precise release date of the console is still not known.

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