PS5: the console will be available on November 19 from $399.99

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Sony has recently declared the delivery date and cost of the PS5 at its conference on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. The console will be accessible on November 19, 2020, from $ 399.99 in the digital version. All the info is here.

After Microsoft, Sony has finally revealed the latest news expected on the PS5. The portrait of the console has drawn trickle over the months. We first learned about the official features of the PS5; then, at a conference on June 11, Sony unveiled the design and early games for the new PlayStation.

All that was missing was the release date and price to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place. At the PS5 Showcase on September 16, 2020, Sony put an end to the endless wait for gamers.

PS5: launch date and price

The PS5 will be accessible on November 19, 2020. Like the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S whose costs and dispatch date were reported on September 9, the Sony console will be available at some point in November. What’s more, in spite of bits of gossip about a potential postponement of the dispatch of the PS5 in Europe, it will be available on the old continent in time.

As for prices, they agree with the leaks of recent months which have therefore hit the nail on the head. The PS5 is priced at $ 499.99 and the 100% digital version, without an optical disc drive, costs $ 100 less, or $399.99. For the standard version, we are 100 $ above the price of the PS4 at launch. So that’s sort of the value of the improvements to the console compared to its predecessor.

As a reminder, the PS5 has an NVMe SSD of just under 1TB which makes the console particularly responsive. The loading time of the games will be almost nonexistent. The machine also benefits from the latest technologies in terms of CPU and GPU. The processor is a third generation AMD Ryzen engraved in 7nm. For the graphics part, there is an AMD chip of RDNA 2 architecture which also benefits from an engraving fineness of 7nm.

These developments allow the PS5 to offer features such as ray tracing for even more striking realism, VRR (variable refresh rate), or even ultra-low latency. The PS5 is designed for gaming in 4K (the real one) at 120 FPS and is also 8K compatible.

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