Telegram launches many cool new features to compete on Whatsapp, see full list

by nativetechdoctor
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In competition with WhatsApp, the telegram application released a number of new features on Friday. These new features include a video editor, two-step verification, animated stickers, and talking GIF. The company introduces these features to make the video experience special. According to the company, about a dozen parameters such as saturation, brightness with the zoom-in option and drawing videos can make it unique.

Now users on Telegram can add animated stickers to their photos and videos via editing, which can later be converted into GIFs. Apart from this, a funneling attractive features talking GIFs have been introduced in Telegrma. With this, users will be able to make their chatting experience unique. Talking about data security, Telegram said in his statement that two-step verification has been implemented for users on their behalf. Through which any user can easily activate two-step verification by clicking on the privacy and security option. For this, users will have to setup a new password. 

After two-step verification, if someone logs in to the account on the new device, then the users will have to enter an OTP with the password. Apart from this, Telegram Messenger has provided new Cache memory management, which will continue to clean the storage according to the user’s needs. Along with this, users will also be able to decide that the data remains safe for 3 days to forever in Telegram. This will only delete the unfixed fine. However, users will also be able to download these files from Telegram Cloud later. Users will be able to clean the local data base, where the text of the Cache message is stored on the internal disk.

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