Telegram will offer a paid plan, without advertising

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Since the numerous cuts surrounding Messenger and WhatsApp Messaging Services, Telegram has gained a lot of popularity. The main difficulty for the latter is now achieving the loyalty of this great audience and freeing up sufficient funds to continue operating.

If you follow the large channels with more than 1,000 users, you must have noticed that ads appeared. Until now, it was impossible to deactivate them. However, Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO, announced this weekend that the company was considering how to eliminate these ads, without losing this financial profit. Therefore, he indicated that the solution that was found would take the form of a subscription paid to the telegram.

Obviously, it will be optional. If users do not want to pay to use the application, they can still do it for free by continuing to get ads.

“We have already started working on this new feature and look forward to launching it this month,” says Pavel Durov. “It can be issued as an inexpensive subscription, which will allow any user to directly support Telegram’s development financially and never see official channel ads. “

Channel owners will be able to turn off ads

The CEO also added that the company is considering allowing the heads of large chains to turn off ads for all users if they choose. This option is being evaluated within Telegram to determine the economic conditions for this to happen: “Advertisers will soon be able to place an ‘invisible’ ad in any channel that, assuming cost per impression is sufficient, will not result in any announcements in this channel ”, explains the CEO.

Finally, Pavel Durov recalled that Telegram will not display advertising messages in mailing lists, personal conversations or groups. Advertising will continue to affect only the big chains, as these are services that result in higher costs for Telegram. “We will continue to work on features that will allow Telegram to break even. The interests of users and content authors will remain our priority in this process. “

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