YouTube launches competitive short video format TikTok

by nativetechdoctor
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YouTube has just launched a new short video format called Shorts that looks a lot like TikTok, allowing users to create 15-second videos shot from a mobile phone.

According to Engadget, YouTube Shorts also provide a timer and countdown so users can record videos hands-free. The Google company said it will roll out an early test of Shorts in India in the next few days.

This is YouTube’s next step towards creating a product that competes with TikTok. Not long ago, the company added a row on its home page for short videos. This feature allows users to swipe vertically to switch from one video to the next. YouTube says it will make it easier for users to start watching videos from Shorts.

In addition, YouTube also recently introduced a new location for the video creation icon on the Android platform, starting with the Indian market. According to the company, the company will soon roll out this to iOS as well as many other countries.

With YouTube’s recent moves, it’s clear that the company is looking for a product that can compete with not only TikTok but also Instagram Stories.

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