Sony promises some exclusive games will also be released on PC

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As part of its annual company report, Sony announced that its intention to launch its PS4 and PS5 exclusives to PC. After his first experiences with Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, and Detroit: Become Human, other exclusive games should follow in the coming months.

PS4 is full of exclusive games: Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, Bloodborne, the Uncharted franchise, God of War, and most recently, Ghost of Tsushima. The list is long and many players want to play it from other platforms, in this case, computers.

Soon Bloodborne on PC, in 4K, 60 FPS and with mod support? While it is good to dream, you shouldn’t give up hope either. Indeed, if one is to believe a little phrase from its annual company report, Sony wants to bring old and new games exclusive to the PlayStation to PC. After Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain, the list should soon grow.

New Sony exclusives coming soon to PC

In its annual company report, Sony Corporation announces upcoming strategies for its various subsidiaries that lead Sony Interactive Entertainment. ” We will examine the possibility of extending our own title to the PC platform to drive higher growth in our profitability,” he said. Expect exclusive games old and new to be ported to Windows in the near future, as well as PS5 games.

Sony also explains its desire to accelerate the creation of “external partnerships”, in other words, the acquisition of new studios, and the development of new exclusives. In August 2019, the Japanese firm, for example, acquired Insomniac Games, one of its long-time partners responsible for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to invest in or acquire companies with boundless creativity and cutting-edge technology to build Worldwide Studios, an association of proprietary title production studios.” SIE Wordwide Studios is a group of video game developers owned exclusively by Sony and created in 2005. The group now includes 14 studios, including Naughty Dog (The Last of Us), Guerrilla Games (Horizon Zero Dawn) or Sucker Punch Production (inFamous).

One of the PS5 exclusives planned for the console, will Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales ever be available on PC? Let’s hope so. As a reminder, the game should normally benefit from ray tracing on the future Sony console.

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