Top 5 most outstanding CES 2022 devices and technology accessories

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the absence of a series of giants in the field the technology, CES 2022 took place successfully, and here are the 5 most outstanding technology devices at this year’s exhibition.

This list only includes technology devices and accessories (monitors, computers, accessories…), which are considered according to unique, weird, and creative criteria, so there are some faces such as electric cars, cars, etc. processors (12th generation Intel Core mobile, Snapdragon 8cx gen 3) or home appliances (refrigerator, kitchen…) will be temporarily out of this game.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch curved mini LED screen with 4K resolution, which can be rotated 90 degrees to form a large vertical screen.

Although Samsung has not revealed any more details about the specifications or retail price, the excellent, unique appearance, impressive curvature, and the ability to rotate 90 degrees have made the screen This received a lot of interest and curiosity at CES 2022.

ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold

It can be said that Zenbook 17 Fold is the most representative face that ASUS has sent to CES 2022. This is the first 17.3-inch folding laptop to use an OLED screen.

What is special about this device is that the screen can be folded in the middle to create two screens, with a screen ratio of 3:2, 12.5 inches in size, and a maximum resolution of 1920×1280. It is thanks to this folding technology, that Zenbook 17 Fold can be used as an all-in-one PC with a removable keyboard to connect, a laptop with a virtual keyboard, a giant super tablet, or even… an e-book.

The new ASUS folding device is powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7 U (power-saving) series processors, Intel Iris Xe graphics and two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a 75Wh battery with Support fast charging technology. ASUS revealed that this device will be available in mid-2022, but the official price is still unknown.

Razer Zephyr Pro – an electronic mask

With an estimated price of 150 USD, this mask is introduced to ensure safety – with a 2-way protective N95 air filter and pair of air circulation chambers, as well as a “blood” jewelry accessory. fire” with young users.

The most outstanding improvement of this mask compared to its predecessor lies in the voice amplification technology. Combined with a transparent glass panel with a reflector to help “see” clearly the expression on the mouth, Zephyr Pro overcomes all the disadvantages of a regular mask – reducing communication efficiency.

Razer – Project Sophia

As Razer defines it, the Sophia project is essentially a PC that’s been modularized into a desk. With a high degree of customization, users can freely arrange everything on the desk according to their personal preferences.

Although the essence of this project is still just rearranging parts of a PC, Sophia is still a very unique, eye-catching idea that can create a very ‘cool’ workspace, full of inspiration, not only for gamers but also for content creators.

ASUS ROG SE Duo 16 (2022)

Although ROG SE Duo 16 (2022) is not the first device line to ASUS own a second ScreenPad Plus screen placed on top of the keyboard (as shown below) with the task of providing more information when playing games, but This is still a unique idea and has helped the gaming laptop appear on this list.

In terms of parameters, this monitor has a Full HD resolution when activating the 240Hz screen refresh rate, or can be upgraded to 4K resolution if it is sacrificed to the 120Hz refresh rate – ASUS allowing users to manually choose between resolution and scan frequency, instead of “locking” the hardware completely.

In addition, the ScreenPad Plus has the ability to lift up to an angle of 13° and slide back to meet the main screen when the user opens it thanks to the new 4-way hinge mechanism, for a near-zero dual-screen experience. rim.

Besides the secondary screen, ASUS ROG SE Duo 16 is also equipped with a virtual NumberPad (number pad) right at the mouse pad, and an RGB LED keyboard that helps this laptop have a bold identity “for gamers”.

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